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Many events take place each year at the Christian Academy in order to showcase our students, foster family and community involvement, fund raise, and help others in need.  The events are sponsored by the school, student or other organizations, and sometimes by student classes. 
In order to stay current with what is happening at CA, please check our school calendar often and be a part of these events.

There is a "Wall of Honor" in the  CA cafeteria for those that have served, or are presently serving, in our military or as a first responder.
If you have a family member that should be on our wall, please bring in a picture to the office with their name and military branch or whether they are fire/police/paramedic. 

Rx Bottles for the Humane Society

CA collects used empty medicine bottles for the Humane Society.

Please remove the labels from the bottles and bring the bottles to the office. They will be delivered to our local Humane Society.


June 5th - August 1st
7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Summer Camp 2017
6/5/17 - 8/4/17
2 year olds - 3rd grade (fall 2017)

Box Tops for Education
Every box tops is worth 10¢ to CA
Clip yours today and put them in the jar on the office counter 
or mail them to CA