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The Christian Academy has an accredited academic program consisting of quality teachers, a challenging curriculum, and in-depth study resources. Our students learn from teachers who demand and expect the best. The National Christian School Association (NCSA) and AdvanceEd scrutinizes the quality of the curriculum before issuing accreditation.
Departmental "core" academic offerings comply and exceed State of Missouri Education standards, as well as the standards of NCSA and AdvanceEd. The curriculum also includes electives that meet student needs and interests. The CA curriculum offers a two-track program: regular and advance. ACT scores compete favorably with the best Christian Schools across America. Our graduates attend many prestigious universities and colleges.

"As we study the word of GOD, we find the ingredients that all of us admire; integrity, compassion, dedication, servanthood, hope, and other GODLY qualities worth emulating." - Mr. Babbit