Playful Puppies

Playful Puppies

Our Playful Puppies class is preparing for kindergarten. They are introduced to the sounds of the alphabet. They learn to count by 5 & 10. They memorize the U.S. Presidents. They practice writing their alphabet and numbers (1-25). They also learn to count to 10 in Spanish. Our class explores a number of Bible stories and learn all of the books of the Bible. Our Playful Puppies students are taught by a teacher with 22 years of experience in the Early Education field.

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Playful Puppies must have birthdates between 8/1/2016-7/31/2017

Age; however, is only one of the benchmarks considered to determine a child's placement. Children may be separated further based on developmental skill set.

All children are unique and special, and some children excel in certain areas and exhibit above-age qualities. However, in order for the child to develop physically, cognitively, mentally and socially, they will be placed in the appropriate classroom.