Middle School

The Christian Academy offers a three-dimensional program of education for it's students.  It consists of a Spiritual Development program, an Academic Development Program, and a Student Activity Program.  Each one of these programs serves to meet our mission statement, "...that which ultimately benefits the student.  Our goal is to prepare each student to live a life of value and meaning to God, society, and self." 

Parent Testimonial...

CAGSL was beneficial to Trenton because it offered smaller class sizes. It also offered a great high school experience allowing students from several grade levels to socialize so older peers can be positive examples for younger peers. We realized that public school would not suit Trenton's needs and we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to send him there. He also developed an even closer relationship to God and met many people that will continue to enhance that relationship for a life-time. He has met life-long friends that he is still very good friends with at this time. We are so thankful for what the school offered as it was the perfect fit for Trenton during his transitional time of young life. We really are grateful for the high school experience that CAGSL provided for our son.

Barbara and Eric Dickerson  - Parents class of 2014  


All students in grades 6-12 are using Samsung Chromebooks every school year.  Each student leases a Chromebook on the 1st day of school from CA to be used during the year. The Chromebooks are returned to CA at the end of each school year.

 Academic Dimension

Degreed, certified Christian educators stimulate intellectual curiosity among our students through an accredited college-prep program.  The Christian Academy has offered superior education in an environment of Christian values since 1976. 

 Spiritual Dimension

Chapel assemblies, devotionals, class prayers and daily Bible classes are the standard at CA. Students learn Biblical teachings and Christian principles. Teachers encourage students to develop Christian leadership skills for use in their homes, communities and churches. 



 Activity Dimension

Students participate in areas listed below. CA students compete in athletics in the Metro Athletic Conference (MAC) and Missouri Christian Schools Athletic Association (MCSAA)


Courses and Activities may vary from year to year


Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science


Math 6 - 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Social Studies

World and the People 1 & 2, Early American History, Late American History

Language Arts

English 6, English 7, English 8, Reading/Literature, Spelling


Genesis – Ruth, Life of David, Ezra – Solomon, Prophets

Practical Arts, PE, Other Electives

Honor Society, Student Council, Activity Clubs, Physical Education, Keyboarding

Fine Arts

Chorus 8, Theatre, Art, Music 6-7

Sports and Extra Programs

Martial Arts, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Cheerleading, Track and Field


(Grades 9-12)


A = 90-100% 4.0 

B = 80-89% 3.0 

C = 70-79% 2.0 

D = 67-69% 1.0 

F = 66% or below

Honors credit is offered to qualifying students  in grades 9-12 in core subject areas. Classes  designated as “Honors Courses” are weighted  for the calculation of GPA with a value of 1.25.  Dual Enrollment Classes are weighted with a  GPA value of +1. 


a One unit of Bible is required for each year in attendance.

b Minimum of three must be selected from the core subject areas (math, science, English, history or foreign language) 

c Eight semesters must be completed in honors level courses with no semester grade lower than a C; a minimum of two  credits of AP or dual-enrollment classes required; minimum overall GPA of 3.5; 22 or higher on ACT 

Community Service: Students are required to complete 30 hours of community service each year in grades 9-12.  Students serve in agencies of their choice including, but not limited to, hospitals, food pantries, special schools, homes  for the elderly, urban rehabilitation projects, and child recreational facilities.