Kids Against Hunger


40,000 children die every day due to starvation and hunger related diseases. Kids Against Hunger is passionate about reducing that number to 0! But it takes the help of groups ready, willing and able to provide funding and volunteers to pack the meals for delivery around the world...and around the corner.

The students have different events that help them raise funds for the goal of packing 10,000 meals.  Events such as "Dress Down Days" where a student has certain days they can donate $3 or $5 to dress down for the day.  Each class has specific activities that help raise funds.

The students have reached their goal with $3,004.47 for the 2023 packing event.  Thank you to all that made this possible!

Christian Academy has partnered with Kids Against Hunger to provide and package 10,000 meals to those in our local communities that suffer from hunger.  Some of the meals will also be distributed nationally and internationally.  In order to participate in this program, our school needs to raise a minimum of $3000 to provide the meals.  This is a cost of only thirty cents per meal.  The meals are vegan based and are gluten free and very high in protein so that children and adults across the world can have a meal that accommodates specific diet needs.

We have challenged each of our classes to raise $275 to meet our financial commitment.  100% of these funds are used to purchase the meals.  CA will not benefit financially from any of the money raised. This program is part of our commitment to servicing others.   Our mission statement says that our goal is to prepare each student to live a life of value and meaning to God, society, and self. Our goal is to not only tell them and show them others demonstrating service, but for them to experience serving others, themselves.