“The guiding philosophy of the Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis is… that which ultimately benefits the student. Our goal is to prepare each student to live a life of value and meaning to God, society and self.”

If you are interested in having a career that serves with a purpose, please contact us and send us your resume.  

We can start a conversation to find a place for you in our CA Family.

The Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis is a religious, non-profit organization representing Jesus Christ throughout the metropolitan area of St. Louis.  The Christian Academy requires its team members to represent the principles of Scripture and live their lives as Christian role models (Romans 10:9-10; I Timothy 4:12; Luke 6:40). 

Open Positions

Christian Academy is growing and we are seeking applicants to join us in our mission of providing an environment infused with God to our young people on a daily basis.  Applicants must have a strong love for children and be excited about helping us teach our children to learn to live a life that has value and meaning to God, society, and self.   The Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis is a school that focuses on helping our students develop spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.  We need qualified, positive, enthusiastic faculty / staff members to join us in this endeavor.  

Christian Academy (CA) is accepting applications for the following positions:

For more information please call the school office at 314/429-7070 or email info@cagsl.net

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