Attendance Policies

From the Administrators desk,

It is our belief that…

All students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes in order to benefit maximally from the instructional program.  This will also aid in the development of the habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility.

Absence defined:

Kindergarten (5k) – 5th Grade – An absence will be assigned to any student who misses 60 minutes or more of either half of the school day. 

6th – 12 Grades - An absence for a particular class/subject block will be assigned to any student who misses more than 15 minutes at any time during a class/subject block.

Excessive absences – Excessive absences and/or tardiness may adversely affect a student’s performance, advancement, self-esteem, achievement and disrupt the continuity of the instructional process.  Typically, any absences above ten percent (10%) of the semester (usually 5 per block or 10 per everyday class) per semester would be considered excessive.  More than five (5) late arrivals (tardies)/early dismissals per quarter are considered excessive.  Excessive absenteeism and late arrivals/early dismissals may result in the requirement of third party documentation (doctor, etc.).

Students that miss more than the allotted days in a semester will not receive grade credit for the work collected on any day absent or completed in class for each day over the 10% allotment.  Exception: If a student misses a test or major project, the student will be allowed to make-up that work with a 25% deduction.  A student is not counted absent if he/she is on a school-sponsored field trip. Students in grades KG-5th may be retained if absences exceed 20%.  Students in grades 6th-12th may not receive credit for any class in which they exceed 20% absentee rate.  

Tardies defined:

In grades Kg-5th, a tardy will be assessed for any student who misses 59 minutes or less of either half of the school day.  In grades 6-12, a tardy is determined as 14 minutes, or less, from the start of a class.  Classroom doors will be closed at the bell.  Tardiness will be recorded by the classroom teacher. 

Tardiness is detrimental to the learning environment of the classroom. Students who miss classwork due to tardiness may not be allowed to make up the work. 

Excessive tardiness may indicate a more detrimental pattern of behavior that can disrupt the student’s learning and/or the learning of his/her classmates.  With excessive tardiness the student also runs the risk of receiving an incomplete in the above-mentioned course(s) and/or further disciplinary action.

Kindergarten - 5th grade policy:

6th-12th grade policy: