Our Academic Coach, Mrs. Brown, works to collaborate with teachers, observe students, and update progress. She monitors each student’s learning and social/emotional development. Her presence helps to enrich our program across the board. She uses an approach that leads each child to have the tools to achieve their personal best. Mrs. Brown brings her training and experience as a Special Education K-12 and Early Childhood Special Education teacher in the public schools. As the Special Education Liaison for CAGSL, she will be available for students with IEPs and their families. Personally, she and her husband were blessed to be able to raise 6 children through birth and adoption: She understands the dynamics of a large family with two working parents. She loves to watch children learn to love the world and their Lord.

We are glad to share with you that our program has added additional STEM activities. These are task boxes that incorporate our Abeka curriculum and fine motor practice. On the left, you see one of our students learning to follow a mini blueprint from a box of several plans. Some of our task boxes focus on pattern recognition which will prepare our preschool and elementary students for upper-level math. (Yes, pre-algebra starts in preschool!)

The true spirit of STEM is collaborative work with a multi-skilled team seeking an answer to a question using all the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This is the future of our workforce as outlined in 2018 by the White House. These skills are both for those students bound for college and the skilled trades. People who can think outside of the box and work together to solve problems are needed in all fields and in our community.

Title II Funding - Each year Christian Academy receives Title II funds that can be used to support our STEM program. We have purchased computers, science supplies, and other materials. We are fortunate to have our program supported by these federal funds.