About Our Camp

Maestri Futsal Summer Camp is a week of full immersion intense training. The days are divided into 4 skill-driven sessions called Habilidades, 1 session focused on tactics. Lunches and breaks will also involve soccer elements, i.e. watching soccer-related videos or playing soccer-related games. All activities center around discovery-based learning. Before, in between, and after daily sessions, players will be encouraged to consider and share takeaways from their activities. The social development elements of goal setting, trust, confidence, communication, and leadership will also be incorporated on each day. We will start the week with Goal setting, skill level assessment, Futebol as art, pressure, quick decision making, and precision passing/shooting psychology. All areas of focus carry transferrable value to the outdoor game. We will spend some time on Futsal-specific skills; however, even those skills can indirectly develop a player’s outdoor game. The daily breakdown will look like the following:

Concentração = Circle Discussion, Alongamento = Stretches, Bate bola = Free play, Habilidades = Skill Activities, Táticas = Theory and Tactics

Sessions will take place June 2023 - week of 12-16

Cost per player - $295 (includes shirt and Futsal ball)

Ages - U11 - U16 (Boys and Girls)

Location - Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis Gym
11050 N Warson Rd. 63114

Registration deadline May 31st, 2023

Camp hours are 8 AM to 3 PM

Futsal Origins in 30 seconds or less

Excerpt from "Coaching Futsal",

"According to multiple sources, there are typically two versions about Futsal's origins. One group believes Futsal originated in Montevideo, Uruguay, and other says that São Paulo, Brazil was the place of origin. I, myself, as a Brazilian would like to believe the latter, but many of the scholars have mentioned Uruguay as the most probable choice.

Both accounts have a latin version of the YMCA as the organization involved in the process. Either place has Futsal appearing around the 30's and 40's. If you decide to research the subject, you may come across names such as Juan Carlos Ceriani, Habib Maphuz,..."

- 2012 best-selling soccer coaching book by Anderson Maestri

About Coach Maestri

Coach Anderson Maestri has been involved in Youth Development Soccer since 1996. With Futsal titles in Brazil and a history of training national championship teams, this best-selling soccer coach/author is giving players the opportunity to learn from his almost 30 years of Futebol experience. Coach Maestri has been working with the United States Youth Futsal league for the past 20 years. Currently consulting for our MLS expansion, he is assisting them in their Futsal (FIFA-recognized indoor soccer) effort. With a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, Coach Maestri will be bringing individualized perspectives to each player according to their competency level.


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